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carpet cleaning Brisbane

Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane comes with high recommendations from the major carpet manufacturers in Brisbane. We give the highest priority to your satisfaction and provide follow up checks for the carpets for making sure of it. We are proud in providing a thorough and highly competent carpet cleaning services in the entire Brisbane area. We have been providing outstanding carpet cleaning services throughout the Brisbane area. We also provide carpet cleaning services for commercial areas such as offices, industries, banks, law firms, governmental agencies, hospitals and high rise buildings.

Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane provides the following types of carpet cleaning services.

  1. Truck mounted extraction cleaning
  2. Portable extraction
  3. Low moisture cleaning

The truck mounted extraction cleaners used by Happy Tradie use the hot water extraction system. It is mounted to the floor of our van parked outside your home. We will attach a hose to the machine and bring it into the building. Advantage of using our truck mounted extraction system is that we would have to bring in less equipment into the building. All the noisy machinery, water buckets and chemical bottles will stay outside. It will provide an efficient and quick carpet cleaning job. It will save a lot of time as our technician will only have to bring in the cleaning hose into the building.

With buildings with many floors and small space, we recommend using our Portable extraction machines. With Happy Tradie’s portable extraction carpet cleaning we will clean all the small spaces and corners of your building. Especially in a high rise building, a truck mounted equipment cannot be used, that is where we use are portable extraction machines.

After inspecting your carpets, if we fear there is a chance of stretching and discoloring we will recommend using our low moisture cleaning. We start by vacuuming the carpet for removing and lose particles on it. Then we spray our own customized cleaning solutions on the carpet, for breaking all the soils on the carpets. We will then suck up the solution and soils using our powerful machines. Lastly, we use a rake to straighten the fibers of the carpets.