Carpet Cleaning Brisbane From Just $ 28 Per Room

Now you can get the best carpet cleaning in Brisbane by hiring Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane, starting from just 28 dollars. For the sake of beautifying your carpets, Happy Tradie will remove all dirt, sand, grit, allergens and stains from your carpets. We can achieve this by utilizing different cleaning methods, both modern and traditional. Professional carpet cleaning will give your carpets a good visual clean, will give them a longer life and also properly maintained carpets will definitely be healthier.

Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane utilizes the following methods for cleaning your carpets

  1. Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning
  2. Dry compound cleaning
  3. Dry foam carpet cleaning

When it comes to professionally cleaning your carpets, nothing can beat the Hot Water Extraction method. It is by far the best method for cleaning the carpets professionally. Most carpet manufacturers recommend using the hot water extraction method for maintaining the cleanliness of the carpets in your home or office. This method will propel cleaning agents and hot water into your carpet at very high pressure. This will help to loosen up the grime, soil and dirt. After this we will use a highly powered vacuum cleaner for removing the loosened stains and dirt, along with the hot water propelled earlier.  Even though you can find small cleaning units from the market, they won’t be as effective as Happy Tradie’s powerful truck mounted units. Our truck mounted equipment will inject the cleaning agents and hot water at a higher pressure than the small units available in the market.  This simply means they can provide a better deep clean then the smaller units.

If you are looking for a quicker drying time and want quick commercial clean ups, then Happy Tradie also provide dry carpet cleaning services. We will manually provide a pre-treatment to heavily soiled areas of your carpets that utilize detergents for breaking the soils on the fibers of your carpets in a very short time.  Once the chemicals are dissolved in the carpet, they can easily be removed by using vacuum cleaners. Dry compound cleaning uses biodegradable solutions that are sprayed using counter rotating brushing systems. We also use a dry foam machine for dry foam carpet cleaning.

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